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Charming Deet #189: What’s Your “Something Blue?”

“Something old, something new.  Something borrowed, something blue.”  We did a post back in November about “The 4 Somethings,” but this time, we’re going to focus on the last part of this tradition.  As times change, we have seen a shift from the conventional blue garter to items such as jewelry, hair accessories, shoes, and wedding dress stitches.

Blue jewelry has become a popular choice throughout the past few decades.  Everything from Tiffany blue diamonds to Aquamarine stones can be seen in any wedding but especially in those that tend to be a bit more glamorous.  These blue jewels can add just the right amount of sparkle to your big day and you can even include it as part of a bridesmaids thank-you gift!

Another hot trend in the world of weddings is the use of blue hairpieces.  Peacock feathers, blue hairpins, and faux flowers such as baby’s breath have been seen in the past few years.  These accessories can emphasis your hairstyle whether you choose an up-do or choose to go the opposite direction and keep it simple.  This hint of color can also draw some attention to your veil, if you have chosen to wear one.

A week ago, we posted “How to Choose Your Wedding Shoes” which went through a few different options of how to brighten up and provide comfort for your feet.  If you like the tradition of the garter and how your “something blue” is hidden but want to update just a little bit, think about walking down the aisle in blue shoes.  No matter if they’re flats or heels, they can add a flash of fun color to your ensemble.

Finally, sticking even closer to the traditional blue garter is the idea of blue stitches.  A great way to honor your loved ones is by stitching their names on the inside of your dress, many times close to your heart, symbolic of their presence.  Another popular trend is attaching a piece of your mother’s bridal gown with blue stitches and in a way wearing her dress down the aisle.

Every bride has her own reason behind choosing her “Something Blue.”  Just remember it can be as traditional or as contemporary as you prefer.  It’s all about you on your wedding day.


Table numbers are a great way to add a personal touch for your guests to enjoy. What better way to add to your wedding day theme than with a cute way to let your guest know where they are sitting! There are so many cute and unique ideas out there! Check these ideas out..

Using your engagement photo session as a way to personalize your table numbers is a cute way to show your love off!

This one above is one of the most unique way and cute ways I have seen to display table numbers. The couple paired images of themselves from each age and matched them to the table number. Not only is this a cute idea but it is also a great DIY project that can be done on the computer!

Although there are several websites where you can order table numbers, this is a good way to save money but still be creative. There are many DIY tutorials so that you can have a stylish wedding without breaking the budget!

Using adjectives to describe a loving relationship show your guests how seriously in love you two are!

The picture above uses places that are important to the bride and groom such as where they met, got engaged, went on their first date, hometowns of both, college towns, vacation spots, and the list could go on and on! Table Numbers are one of those wedding details that allow you to be truly fun and creative without compromising the style of your wedding decor, so get creative and have fun!!!


Save room for an extra slice, you are going to want a grooms cake at your wedding! A grooms cake was originally intended to be a gift from the bride to her new husband. Although some people think that a grooms cake is unnecessary, it can be a thoughtful, personal, and delicious detail to your wedding!

Grooms cake. Chocolate covered strawberries and cheese cake? Whats not to love. Besides... who has cheesecake at their wedding? We should!

Groom’s cakes are usually made with dark chocolate and contain fruit or liqueur. While most couples stick with this traditional flavor, the look of a groom’s cake has changed quite a bit. Most groom’s cakes today are designed to reflect the grooms hobbies or interests. It is a great personal touch you can add to your wedding, and plus who doesn’t want more cake?

Having a groom’s cake at your wedding is a great way to give more recognition to the groom!  Since it is supposed to be a gift, make it fun and special! Give your groom a memorable cake that displays who he his, and what he likes! 

Virginia Beach Wedding Planner || Virginia Beach, Virginia || Shena + Rod 10-5-13

With the weather being as perfect as it is, it totally reminded us of  Shena + Rod’s beach wedding! The couple held their intimate ceremony and reception in Sandbridge at a beach house venue called the Hawaiian Palace— looking out onto the beautiful water. It all took place outside, so the guests could get the full experience of smelling the beachy air and feeling the ocean breeze! We can’t wait to tell you a little more about this fun waterfront wedding, including photography by Taun Henderson.

Shena + Rod said their vows on the beach, as close friends and family watched. Some viewers sat on chairs while others stood to give the ceremony a more casual feel. One of the best parts about this wedding ceremony was that it was so simple and intimate. The focus was on the amazing natural background and the love between Shena and Rod. After saying “I do”, the couple “jumped the broom”, a unique tradition to symbolize their new beginning as a married couple!

This wedding incorporated not only the beach theme into their decor, but they added a Caribbean in some really cool ways. Shena wore a starfish statement necklace and adorable blue flip flops as her wedding shoe of choice. Their cake and the groom’s boutonniere had seashell detail and for entertainment, there was a live band at the reception!Not to mention, all Caribbean food as well as a full blown Reggae Band!!!!!! They were beyond amazing!!!  All of these special touches gave their reception a fun and beachy vibe. The couple picked bold purples and blues for their wedding which also gave the reception a nice pop of color. All around, this reception was truly a celebration, a celebration of such a great couple, Shena + Rod! These two really made this wedding their own, and this is what made it such an amazing experience for all of the guests! 

We loved being a part of the planning process for Shena + Rod and we know they are going to have a long and amazing future together!















Cake|| Gourmet Bake Shoppe

Rentals|| Distinctive Event Rentals 

Photography|| Taun Henderson Photography


We’ve all seen in movies, when the happy married couple rides away in their getaway car with the words, “Just Married” decorated across the back window with aluminum cans dangling off the trunk.  One of a wedding parties easiest duties is also one of the most fun, decorating the bride and groom’s getaway car!  While scribbling “Just Married” on the window is a start, why not make the newlyweds proud and happy by putting a little more effort and imagination into the decoration! 

With a unique twist on the old tradition, the pair can make a statement while making an exit.  After being sent off with sparklers, rice, or even bubbles why not jump into the grooms Harley Davidson? Or a decorated tractor if that’s your style! This small detail is one that you should have fun with! Even if it’s just decorating your old station wagon, maybe fill the back with balloons.. Or stick some champagne in the back to enjoy on the ride back!

Any of these creative new getaway car ideas will add a little spice to your special day! Whether it’s an antique taxi cab, a boat fit for two, or even a motorcycle for those more daring couples, the way the couple chooses to exit their party can be personalized to fit the pair’s own style.


When it comes to getting wedding ready, a major factor that many brides focus on is the type and color of their wedding shoes.  Whether you are having an outdoor ceremony or indoor wedding, a long dress or a short dress, the shoes ALWAYS make a difference.  Flats, stilettos, and wedges are just the beginning of styles to choose from as the design and color of the shoe change by season and by bride.  For a fun, colorful, springtime look as the weather warms up, try coordinating your shoe color with an accent from your wedding!

If you are having a super glam wedding, you may choose to add a little or a lot of sparkle to your shoes.  This can be a great eye-catcher and really light up on the dance floor during your reception.  The key to remember with any pair of shoes that you will be wearing during the ceremony and reception is to take time and break them in.  There is nothing worse than sore feet in glamorous shoes.

If you’re a bride who is looking forward to having a stress-free wedding day, be sure to count your feet in, too!  Trending now is the idea of wearing your favorite sneakers, popularly Converse, or sandals for your ceremony and reception.  You really can’t go wrong with classic Converse and can even have your shoes personalized with names or dates! On the sandal side of comfort, but still keeping that fancy factor, jeweled sandals are a great alternative!

No matter which route you decide to take, the day is yours! Just be sure to remember that comfort is key and if you have open-toed shoes, treat yourself to a relaxing pedicure before your big day!


Hooray!! It’s FINALLY spring! Spring is a wonderful time to have a wedding because everything is in bloom and the sun is shining. And along with the wedding, comes the wedding favors, and there are so many cute favors that accommodate with the beautiful new season! Unique wedding favors are a fun detail to add to your special day and we have some perfect favor ideas to give you exactly what you want!

DIY Bird Seed Heart Spring Wedding Favor Tutorial (scroll down)

Spring wedding favor ideas.

Wedding Favor Tins - personalized - as seen on Martha Stewart

Since spring starts the blooming of beautiful flowers and plants, what better favor than plant seeds? Giving away seeds for plants and flowers is easy, inexpensive, and SO cute! Most seed favors you can do by yourself, and its super simple! You can put them in little bags, boxes, or even give out bird feeders!

Spread the love with these homemade jars of honey! I love all of these cute spring wedding favor ideas

Grapes galore with sweet packaging

Along with spring also comes fresh fruits, picnics, and BBQ’s! Favors such as jars of honey, fresh grapes, lemon curd, or candy apples are perfect for a spring wedding! You can also put together a mini recipe book, of all you favorite recipes and tie measuring spoons to it! That way your favor is appropriate and useful! 

There are so many cute favors you can use if you choose to have your wedding in spring! Hopefully some of these ideas gave you inspiration to have unique favors at your wedding!


Yes, you heard right… we are looking for two models. Requirements are as follows:

Date: NEXT WEDNESDAY- April 9th. All day. 

Male and Female: Preferably a couple OR be willing and comfortable with the opposite sex- Male to provide own clothing- Female must fit into already chosen attire. 

Must submit your images to Shay or Emily at OR NO LATER than Friday, April 4th by 5pm. We will notify you no later than Saturday afternoon. 

We will explain further what this shoot is for once we decide which models we choose. This shoot will remain under wraps for quite some time. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all!!!! Thank you! And let the search begin!!


Once again it’s ETSY FRIDAY!! This Friday, it is all about personalized wedding hangers! What is better than a cute personalized gift for you or your bridesmaids that they can use at your wedding? Or the fact that they’re only $10!? {{GettingWired}} makes the cutest, inexpensive, personalized wedding hangers! They are perfect as gifts, and to hang up your dresses! 

Personalized wedding hanger - Wedding hanger -Bridal shower gift - Bridesmaid gift - Ships from U.S. - FREE love or mrs ring included

{{GettinWired}} lets you choose one word to put on your hanger, and there are so many possibilities! You can get your name, “bride”, “bridesmaid”, your bridesmaids names, or even sweet words such as “love” or “I DO”! You can also choose your color hanger and your color ribbon! These hangers can be exactly what you want, and only for $10!

Personalized wedding hanger - Wedding hanger -Bridal shower gift - Bridesmaid gift - Ships from U.S. - FREE love or mrs ring included

Functional, stylish, and personal. How can you go wrong? Each one of these hangers are made with a heavy gauge aluminum wire, and are molded exactly how you want them! These hangers are a perfect accessory for your wedding day! The etsy shop is listed below!


What is the proper etiquette for toasts at a wedding? Most traditionally, we think of a wedding toast as a funny, yet sentimental speech given by the best man. However, he doesn’t have to be the only one! Here are some other great toasts that can be made on your big day. 


It is becoming more and more common for the Maid of Honor to give a speech at the wedding reception. Why not include someone who is very close to the bride and has also played a big part in the wedding process? A Maid of Honor’s speech can include humor and sentiment similar to the traditional best man speech, but will also reflect her own personality and experiences with the happy couple. 

If the bride’s father has paid for the wedding, he is considered the host of the reception and it is proper for him to also make a speech. The purpose of this toast is to welcome everyone and thank them for coming. If all parents helped pay for the wedding, it may be appropriate for them to stand together, and one can give a welcome on behalf of them all. 

Following these toasts, the bride or groom often makes a “thank you” toast to their parents for their help putting on the wedding and a “thank you” toast to their bridal party for their involvement in the wedding and to guests for attending. This can be done separately or by the groom. If he chooses to do so alone, he will thank guests, his parents, his spouse’s parents, and ultimately describe his happiness at becoming a part of their family. He may even finish with a few sweet words to his new bride. 


If you’re looking to save time during the reception, you do not have to make toasts. However, it is often a good way to personalize your wedding and make your guests feel comfortable. Another possibility is to have all other tributes given during the rehearsal dinner and only have the best man’s speech during your reception. 

Now you can plan your wedding toasts accordingly with these helpful tips!